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Thank you for stopping by. I've been a health nut for over four decades and enjoy sharing what's worked for me. I also love discovering products and fun things that make life easier, happier, or healthier. I have an ever-growing collection of these on my Amazon Store.

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My Amazon Storefront

Check out a selection of fragrance-free beauty products, non-toxic household cleaners, comfy fashion, and other amazing finds. You'll find lots of goodies to keep yourself and your home looking and feeling great!


FDA cleared and clinically proven to reduce wrinkles

I'm excited about this award-winning laser technology. The Precision Laser is for hard-to-reach areas around your eyes and mouth. And the Pro Laser (with a larger tip) will treat your whole face, neck, chest, and the back of your hands.

Use code SIMPLEHEALTHNUT at checkout for 10% off.

Featured Blog

Not my Nose!

After a couple of bouts of skin cancer that could be easily camouflaged, I was hit with one right on my nose! Here's my story and what I did and used to speed up the healing process.

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